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A little information about the company

Hi, My name is Anne Truckel known to most people as Hubbard (hence the company name). I have been a keen animal lover all my life and have kept pets for just as long. Being a little nutty I have often enjoyed dressing my own dogs up for special occaisions and holidays but was never able to find suitable products that fitted properly.

My other passion is sewing and needlecraft, and so I decided to combine the two and make my own dog clothing the way I wanted it. Very quickly I began to have people asking me to make clothes for their dogs and demand became enough that I established Design by Hubbard in March 2006.

Design by Hubbard began trading from a stall at Chichester Market in West Sussex. I can now be found trading from Ford Market on Sundays (details of where to find me can be found on the Contact page of this site).

Popular demand, and a growing selection of products, have lead to the creation of this website where you can see examples of some of my clothing designs so far, and place orders for your own pet. I aim to make this site as accessable and easy to use as I can, so if you have any trouble using any part of the website then please let me know.

Have fun dressing your pets.