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Designer wear

Designer petwear is available from the following ranges: PuppiaTM, YapTM, Doggy ThingsTM, and of course Design by Hubbard. Other less well known designer ranges are also available. A sample selection can be seen here.

From Design by Hubbard, you can have anything made to your requirements as long as it is not trademarked or coyrighted. Just provide me with a picture or drawing of the item you would like e.g. if you are getting married this year or next, and you would like your pet at your wedding I can produce matching outfits.
PuppiaTM including other designer ranges from Pet LondonTM (louis DogTM, American PupTM etc.). Mostly catering for the smaller dog, starting from XXS to L sizes. American PupTM is styled for the broader chested dog (i.e. French Bulldogs, Pugs, Staffies). These beautifully made designs will make your dog feel like a star.

Prices range from around £17.50 - £39.00.

Puppia designer dog coats petwear samples
YapTM This range of beautiful coats go from 10" to 20" and the use of velcro&TM fastenings means that you can easily adjust to any chest size. YapTM produce lightweight summer wear to the heavier dufflecoats of winter.

Prices from £8.99 - £25.00.

Yap designer dog coats petwear samples
sample coat imageDoggy ThingsTM Produce a very wide range of coats from 7" - 28" catering for the larger breeds, so your Doberman and Shepherd can still look as stunning and stylish as any chihuahua. Many ranges are available although only a single range is shown at present.

Prices from £11.00 - £25.00. Item shown £19.99.

A selection of licensed football t-shirts will soon be available from this collection

Less well known designers. Designs shown are Tracksuits in grey with pink and blue inset, Camoflage Parkas, and Jumpers.

This range is limited to the smaller dog only so suitable for Chihuahua to small Jack Russell and Terriers.

Other designer petwear dog clothing samples