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Fancy dress Coats

Leprechaun - Jacket £12.99, hat £3.75.

Leprechaun dog fancy dress petwear costume sample

Fancy Dress dog coats must be ordered by contacting me directly due to the specific individuality of the designs

Most companion dog shows now have a section for fancy dress petwear, so even if you cannot sew or don't have time, you and your pet can still enter. On this page is a small sample selection of some previously made coats. Any coat can be designed and created to order, you name it, you can have it. From spacesuits to hamburgers.

Pumpkin - Hat £5.99, Costume from £7.50.

Pumpkin Costume sample

If you have a design in mind, simply send me a photograph or sketch of the item you want. While I cannot reproduce copryrighted or trademarked designs exactly, I can create something along a similar style and look. Please contact me to discuss further.

The following samples show prices as a guide. Actual prices are dependant on individual designs and sizes, ranging from £4.50 upwards. Bling can also be applied using only Swarovski Crystal for added sparkle.

Wizard - Start at £6.50 for hat and cape. Inspired by a costume in Terry Pratchett's The Hogfather.

Wizard fancy dress petwear costume sample

Flower fairies - Sample shown £22.00.

Flower Fairy dog fancy dress petwear costume sample

Cow Dog - Stetson start at £5.75, Waist coat £4.50, skirt/chaps £6.50, Shirt £12.50.

Cowdog dog fancy dress petwear Costume sample

Personalisation for your dog (dogs name embroidered etc.), starts at £2.50. Contact me for more details.