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Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about my products that is not mentioned here or anywhere else within the site please contact me. More questions will be added to this page from time to time.

Q. What measurements do you need from my dog?
A. All coats will require the same measurements which are shown here in the first diagram.

  1. From collar to base of tail.
  2. Around chest.
  3. Around the thickest part of the neck.
  4. For Hats measure distance between ears.

measuring guide diagram 1

Additional measurements (shown in Diagram 2) are needed for smaller chunkier dogs such as Bulldogs, to account for extra bulk across the shoulders.

  1. Across top of shoulders.
  2. Between front legs.
  3. Around top of shoulder on front legs.

measuring diagram 2

Q. Do you do waterproof dog coats?
A. Yes, you can have a plain colour, breathable fabric, with a fleece or cotton reversable lining. Or, a breathable membrane can be inserted so you only see the patterned fleece.

Q. Can I have a plain fabric dog coat?
A. Yes, just state a colour and you can have a sample sent for approval.

Q. Do you make petwear for the larger dog?
A. Yes size is no problem for my dog coats. Just be sure to measure correctly before ordering - see the measuring guide on this page.

Q. My dog has put on weight, do I need to buy a new dog coat?
A. No, I can make you a longer strap to fit either waist or chest.

Q. Do you design petwear specifically for specific breeds of Dog, i.e. Bulldogs, Bassets, etc?
A. Yes. All dogs can have petwear made to measure. More measurements need to be taken for some breeds as these dogs have broad chests, and are wide across the shoulders.