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Standard Coats

This range is what most people consider to be a dog coat. These can be made from cotton, fleece, faux suede, sheepskin, wax/waterproofing. Most dog coats depicted are made from fleece and sheepskin.

Coats in this range can be ordered directly using the special order form which allows you to select both interior/exterior colours (coats are reversible), and exact measurements for your dog and breed. No matter what your breed, shape, or size the coat will fit your dog exactly (NOTE:please refer to the measuring guide on the FAQ Page and use a new tape measure, before ordering as incorrect measurements are the responsibility of the customer). No more buying a coat and having to nip and tuck before your pet can wear it, or making do with ill fitting clothing. No payment will be taken at this time, I will contact you using the information you provide to confirm your order and take payment by card.

If you do not see the colour or fabric you require in the order form, please contact me as many other fabrics are also available. If I don't have a particular fabric in stock, I can order it specially for you. A space is provided on the order form for additional information you may wish to give me (and can be used to specify alternative fabrics if need be).

If you are looking for something a little different, then check out my other petwear clothing styles from the quick links on the side of this page. The other styles require you to contact me for ordering as further measurements and additonal information is required.

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